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You will hit straighter and longer when the shaft flex matches your swing.

How You Can Hit Longer Golf Shots

Three Ways:
1. BUILD UP PHYSICAL STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY - especially in the hips, legs, and forearm muscles.
However, this is not easy and requires great effort and time.

2. CHANGE TO A BETTER SWING - very difficult, especially for seasoned golfers.

3. CHANGE TO A MORE FLEXIBLE SHAFT - This option yields instant results.
However, you need a shaft that is softer without loss of control.
The PlayOff CPM shaft is one such shaft.

The vast majority of golfers have shafts which are too stiff. For golfers now playing with shafts with good flex fit, we have demonstrated that PlayOff shafts flexing 20cpm lower deliver longer shots with the same degree of control. 

We find less than 5% of players are actually playing with shafts which are too soft. Though rare, we do occasionally fit with stiffer shafts.

How We Custom Fit Shafts

A. We start by observing shots you hit with your own club(s). Taking note of your club head speed, launch angle, ball flight tendencies and other features of your shot as recorded by the Launch Monitor, together with studying your swing mechanics, we form a preliminary conclusion.

We then select one to three demo clubs with shaft flexing around what we reckon is good fit for you to test hit. Although you may not hit well with the demo clubs due to unfamiliarity and feel differences, the Launch Monitor data of the demo club shots do help us finalize the choice of shaft flex for you.

B. We can fit you without you coming to our shop. We just need to know the playing flex of your club and your average distance. There is a relationship between these two numbers, and we can derive the appropriate PlayOff shaft flex. The playing flex of your club must be expressed in frequency - i.e. Cycles Per Minute.

Method B is 10% less reliable than Method A largely because the player’s input of his shaft flex and/or his average distance may not be accurate.

However, with Method B golfers outside Singapore are able to obtain our shaft via eCommerce.


Why You Can Hit Longer with PlayOff Shafts

KT Phua, who started Bob's Golf in Singapore, was trained as club fitter by Golfsmith in Austin, Texas in 1993. For many years he was embarrassed by his inability to help golfers enjoy their game because of the limitations of the age-old shaft flex classification L-A-R-S-X.

First Limitation: Most golfers need a flex in between - e.g. between 'A' and 'R' or 'R' and 'S' flexes. With the outdated L-A-R-S-X system, the fitter has to take the softer shaft and trim the tip to firm it up. How much to trim? 10, 20, or 30mm? Occasionally the flex does not change with trimming. A lot of guess work - very unsatisfactory!

Second Limitation: It is very difficult to find a shaft in the market soft enough for golfers who currently drive less than 180m to hit longer. Aldila’s L flex is 215 Cycles Per Minute (CPM). Fujikura’s L measures 205 CPM. Our PlayOff shafts enable seniors and ladies to increase 10% or more because they flex at less than 190 CPM.

Bob's Golf Input: Made with high quality Japanese fiber, PlayOff CPM shafts achieve the same degree of control as most shafts with flexes that are 20 to 30 CPM softer. Our shafts come in a continuum spread of flexes for 165, 166, up to 260 CPM. No tip trimming needed.



Many golfers are hitting longer with our PlayOff CPM shafts.

Why? PlayOff shafts flex much softer than most shafts with the same degree of control.

More flex means more of a trampoline effect, making the ball fly further.


"With the Aldila NV55 'A' shaft flexing at 225 Cycles Per Minute (CPM), my driving distance was around 180m. Now with the PlayOff shaft flexing at only 194 CPM, I can hit pass 200m!" - KT Phua, age 77

(Most after market 'L' shafts flex around 210 CPM.)


Come and find out for yourselves. Bring your clubs for free testing with our Launch Monitor. Check out your club flexes digitally and test hit to compare with our softer demo shafts. You can then decide what to do with no obligation.


Call 66849180 to book an appointment slot.



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