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Junior Clubs

Matching club length to child's height is a key requirement for junior clubs.

Most shops offer two fixed lengths, based on two age groups.
We have a better approach, taking advantage of our in-house workshop.

Our junior clubs come without grip and with length untrimmed.
We measure the child's height and then trim the club to matching length and fix the grip.
It takes about 5 minutes per club, and the club can be used in 3 hours.

Junior Club Prices:
• Economy Package (2 irons, 1 wood & putter) ... $99 • Iron ... $35 each
• Wood ... from $45
• Putter ... from $20
• Iron on stainless steel head ... $49 each
• Iron on stainless steel head with ultra light shaft ... $69 each
10% discount applies for purchasing more than two clubs.

Juniors normally play with half set, with irons in odd or even numbers and with no SW.

We offer full set selection from Iron 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW and SW.
This is good for serious players to improve on scores.
We also custom fit Hybrid and Big Head Driver for serious junior players.

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