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New Scientific Way
To Match Shaft Flex to Your Swing
The Result: You Hit Straighter & Longer!

It is difficult to consistently hit good golf shots unless the shaft flexes within your comfort zone. The comfort zone for the average golfer is a span of some 4 Cycles Per Minute (CPM) of shaft flex. (The more athletic will have a bigger comfort zone.)

For logistics reasons, commercial golf shafts are made in 5 or 6 flexes only—normally denoted as L, A, R, S, and X. For example, Aldila's shaft flexes are:
        L - 215 cpm
        A - 230 cpm
        R - 245 cpm
        S - 260 cpm
        X - 275 cpm

Japanese shafts come in softer flexes—some 10 to 20 cpm less. For example, Graphite Design's shaft flexes are:
        L - 205 cpm
        RR - 215 cpm
        R - 225 cpm
        S - 245 cpm
        X - 265 cpm

Diamana shaft flexes are:
        Lite - 212 cpm
        R - 230 cpm
        S - 250 cpm
        X - 270 cpm

If your comfort zone falls within the gaps for a particular brand of shaft, it will be tough for you to play well. We are the first in Singapore to offer the CPM shaft to overcome this shortcoming. Our PlayOff CPM shaft covers the whole spectrum of flex from 170 to 270 CPM.

How do we fit your clubs?  We proceed in one of two ways:
(a) We attempt to match the shaft based on your swing profile and ball flight pattern, with the aid of Launch Monitor and the latest shift-fitting software.
(b) Bring your best performing club for us to measure your playing flex. We will re-shaft your problem club or clubs to comparable flexes.

We recommend you play with your newly fitted club for a few weeks to assess the fit. If you feel the shaft does not fit you well enough, you may return within 3 months to fix a softer or a stiffer shaft based on your playing experience, paying only the trade-in fee of $25 (provided your trade-in shaft is undamaged).

Many of our customers have returned to re-shaft multiple pieces of clubs following their happy experience.

Iron:     5-Series $110
Wood:  4-Series $175; 5-Series $175; 6-Series $175 in matte black
              with red-black shaft $145

We quote below a common experience, which a GolfRepublicForum participant posted on 7/8/12:
    “Got my Cleveland DST Launcher 3 hybrid fitted with a PlayOff CPM shaft yesterday ...
    Brought it to Toa Payoh Range ... hit about 30 balls with it.
    Summary of hits:
      - Topped 2 balls but they went straight and low
      - About 5 faded right
      - Pulled 3 shots
      - The rest played to my natural draw but ... I now need to re-calibrate my distance ...
      It went darn far!”

Below 200 cpm for Seniors & Ladies
We stocks shafts soft enough for seniors and ladies.

At Bob's Golf, we now allow customers to return to re-shaft to a softer or stiffer shaft following a playing experience of up to a few months. This fine-tuning achieves phenomenal results. We also sell some clubs with an option to return to fine-tune the shaft flex.

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